Jewish Discovery Center

831 Maple Rd. #110
‍‍‍(Learning/Education facility)

757 Hopkins Rd. (program facility)

Williamsville, NY 14221

Tel‍‍‍: 716.632.0467 or 716.428.5977
e-mail: [email protected]


Rabbi Heschel Greenberg
E-mail: [email protected]
Rabbi Greenberg is the founder and director of the JDC. Rabbi Greenberg is an internationally renowned Judaic scholar, author of several books and of hundreds of scholarly and popular articles. Rabbi Greenberg has reached and touched the lives of tens of thousands of Jews and non-Jews through his weekly TV program and the thousands of hours he has spent teaching and lecturing.


Rabbi Laizer Labkovski
E-mail: [email protected]
Rabbi Labkovski – or "Laizer" as he is called affectionately – is the Program Director of the JDC. Laizer is responsible for the incredibly popular Jewish Art Calendar, Ethnic Shabbatons, Matzah Bakery, Shabbat display, Shabbat packages, Humanitarian programs, Chai Hebrew school and many other innovative programs. Rabbi Labkovski’s energy and ingenuity have helped make the JDC the Jewish organization on the cutting edge of quality Jewish programming.


Rabbi Yehoshua Greenberg
E-mail: [email protected]
Yehoshua was known among his colleagues as a walking encyclopedia. His panoramic knowledge of Jewish knowledge coupled with his unassuming and warm personality and infinite patience has made Yehoshua a very popular addition to the Jewish community. His official position is the JDC’s education director and Dean of the Institute for Jewish Studies. Yehoshua is available for private study sessions.


Rabbi Levi Greenberg
E-mail: [email protected]
Levi is the JDC's Director of Development. His role is to reach "in" to the hearts and minds of Jews of all backgrounds and levels of observance and share his wisdom and warmth with them. Levi's congeniality and empathy endeared him to hundreds of people who consider him to be their real friend.


 Mrs. Lea Greenberg
[email protected] 
Lea Greenberg is the co-founder of the JDC. A Judaic scholar and mother of eleven, Lea has endeared herself to so many through her informal teaching, hospitality and hundreds of hours she spends counseling. The Greenberg home – and the homes of other staff members – is literally open 24 hours a day for guests, and people who are thirsty for knowledge, warmth and a kind heart.


Mrs. Chani Labkovski
E-mail: [email protected]
Mrs. Chani Labkovski is our resident woman scholar. In addition to her acclaimed Hebrew classes, and her teaching responsibilities at Kadimah and the Chai Hebrew School, Chani has introduced an innovative workshop entitled "Helping moms help their kids with Hebrew homework." Chani is also available for private tutorials in diverse areas of Jewish knowledge. Chani's knowledge is only matched by her gentle and refined demeanor.


Mrs. Brocha Leah Greenberg
E-mail: [email protected]
Brocha Leah is arguably the Buffalo Jewish community’s most dynamic educator. In the short time she has been here, she has started and led the most popular children’s and women’s programs. Her profound knowledge, warm and charismatic personality, rare sensitivity are some of the assets that have made the JDC earn its distinction as an organization with a mind, heart and soul.


Mrs. Rivky Greenberg
E-mail: [email protected] 
Rivky is arguably the most professional and effective teacher in our diverse community. She has taught at virtually every Hebrew School as well as at Kadimah and the JCC. Her latest project, which has received rave reviews is the "Music with Rivky" ( program for little kids ages 0-5 (and their mothers), teaching Jewish values through music.


‍‍‍To embrace and accept all Jews, regardless of background or belief and to provide them with an individualized Jewish experience ‍‍‍which will lead them to a better understanding of the beauty and depth of the Jewish people and Judaism.


(1) Jewish Discovery Center's - Learning Center at 831 Maple Rd. #110, Williamsville, NY 14221: For educational programs such as classes, lectures, seminars, workshops, tutorials etc. This Facility will also house Rabbi Greenberg's Office

(2) The Jewish Discovery Center is lo‍‍‍cated 757 Hopkins Rd. Williamsville, NY 14221: Most other events and programs will be held held at this facility.

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‍‍‍We've Expand‍‍‍ed...‍‍‍‍‍‍

We have moved our educational programs to a NEW facility dedicated to Jewish learning and discovery.


This facility will serve as a center for classes, lectures, seminars, workshops, tutorials and other educational activities.

We are located at 831 Maple Rd. (Suite 110) next door to the Maple West Elementary school.

[All other programs and services will remain at the 757 Hopkins Rd. location]