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The Jewish Discovery Center offers a variety of programs for all segments of the community.

From the highly acclaimed Music with Rivky – Mommy and Me program for infants and toddlers to Shabbat and holiday programs for seniors the JDC’s programs and classes are designed to meet the needs of our community.

Our media center features a treasure of information, insight and learning material in all media formats: Audio, video and print. Be sure to check this feature often as we will constantly be adding more material to create a Jewish media supersite.

This will also be the home of the popular ‘Let My people Know TV series

Our Mission: To embrace and accept all Jews, regardless of background or belief and to provide them with an individualized Jewish experience which will lead them to a better understanding of the beauty and depth of the Jewish people and Judaism.

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JEWISH HISTORY: From the Prophets to the Sages

TALMUDIC DEBATES: An Enlightening and Fascinating Tour of the Talmudic Debate



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Moshiach’s Meal
Moshiach’s Meal is a special and inspiring celebration at the conclusion of the Passover holiday. During this meal we drink four cups of wine and imbibe words of wisdom and inspiration to extend the energy of freedom and redemption beyond the holiday. This event will take place on Saturday. April 30 at 6:15 PM (Mincha Service at 6:00 PM) at the home of Rabbi Heschel Greenberg – 212 Exeter Rd. in Williamsville .


Institute for Jewish Studies Spring 2016 Session
An exciting NEW session of learning to begin in May. Scroll down for details.


April 30

May 15

Excerpt of Rabbi Greenberg’s latest class

(Office) 212 Exeter Rd. Williamsville, NY 14221   •   (Program Facility) 757 Hopkins Rd.  Williamsville, NY 14221
Tel: 716.632.0467   
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Course A

From the Prophets to the Sages

Course B

An Enlightening and fascinating
Tour of the Talmudic Debate